Oberkotzau - the town

Market Community Oberkotzau ( approx. 5500 inhabitants)

Oberkotzau is a municipality in Upper Franconia in the district of Hof in Bavaria in Germany.

The first lords of Oberkotzau were the noble family of Kotzau, a lordschaft that possessed great wealth, high reputation and played an important role in the area.

To their privileges in the village were included the high courts and the imperial sanctuary, a sanctuary for lawbreakers - except adulterers and murderers - who could wait unmolested the decision of the court. Since 1760, no use of it has been made and it was officially repealed in 1799. Other trading privileges were market rights and the permission to settle Jews. A field name provides information about a former Jewish burial ground. Those of Kotzau were among others officials of Hof and on the Epprechtstein.

In the vicinity

Only about 220 meters away from your holiday home you can reach two well-stocked supermarkets including bakeries.

Public transport is available at 220m. Driving directions Hof or Schwarzenbach / Saale.

Enjoy a wide range of facilities including a fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool open in the summer months - allowing you to refresh after a day's work or sightseeing.