Welcome …

… Denise and Charly welcome you to „Gallery Cottage“ in Oberkotzau.

After two years of extensive refurbishment our holiday home is ready to receive future guests. To us it was particularly important to maintain the original character of the house, constructed in 1914.

Denise’s passion for watercolour painting inspired her to decorate the interior as a gallery. In addition to her watercolour paintings you can also appreciate original paintings by international artists.

The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the house. On entering you feel the distinctive special atmosphere of the old days. The original features such as doors and stairs remain unchanged and invite you on a tour of the house. A rustic wood-burning stove enhances the heating system and ensures a really cosy atmosphere.

If you need to slow down your hectic pace of every day life and looking for quietness and peace, you will be sure to find them in “Gallery Cottage”.