Recreation, Sports & Culture

Oberkotzau: view to the creek „Schwesnitz“ and the church St. Jakobuskirche

The park Fernwehpark in Oberkotzau / Bike path on the river Saale

Canola field in Spring / Harvest in Sommer

Local recreation area Untreusee

Erika-Fuchs-Haus: Museum of Comic and Language Arts in Schwarzenbach/Saale

„Little Berlin“ formerly divided village Mödlareuth

Theresienstein in Hof

Karlovy Vary in the neighboring Czech Republic: Russian-Orthodox-Church and city center

Other leisure activities

  • To wander and cycle in Fichtelgebirge
  • Excursions in Czech Republic (Golf court)
  • Kulmbach, Plassenburg (Tin figure museum)
  • International Hofer Filmtage (October)
  • Hofer Volksfest (July)
  • Different possibilities (Frankenwald, Fränkische Schweiz) within a radius of around 50 km
  • Bayreuth ( Wagner-Festspiele)

© Fotos and watercolors by Denise Volkmer